List of Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

Prevention is better than cure –it’s an old cliché that rings truth especially in our oral health. Whatever you put inside your mouth can either promote the health or the damage of your teeth. Too much sugar makes your body acidic which lowers your immune system. When your body’s defense system is compromised, tooth damage and gum diseases will thrive. If you want to properly care for your pearly whites, these foods should be avoided like the plague or be taken in moderation.  

  1.  Candies. Candies are loaded with nothing more than sugar and flavorings. Chewy candies are the worst of the bunch as it takes a longer time to dissolve in the mouth and can stick in between the teeth.    
  2. Citrus fruits. While it is a great source of vitamin C, consuming lots of it can erode your enamel. Citrus fruits are naturally acidic so it’s best to eat it occasionally to protect your teeth. 
  3. Crunchy foods. Crunchy snacks like corn and potato chips are also bad for your teeth. Aside from getting very few nutrients, it is full of unhealthy ingredients that are not good for the body. 
  4. Sugary pastriesWhether it is biscuits, cookies, or protein bars, the excess sugar in these snacks will damage your teeth. Try to go for healthier snacks like vegetable sticks. The fiber in the vegetables will produce more saliva that will help neutralize the acid in your mouth.      
  5. Dried fruits. Fruits are healthy but even sweet fruits should be consumed in moderation. Dried fruits are not healthy alternatives to candies because the fruits are preserved by sugar and syrups. These makes the fruits have longer shelf life but they aren’t very friendly to your teeth’s enamel.   

Sugar is one of the worst substances you can consume in excess and it is also addictive. Eating a diet rich in fiber together with a good oral care routine will preserve our teeth and our overall health.