About Us

Our blog came about as a result of a college project, to help improve oral health in the community.

That was in 2006 and we have been online ever since!

In the beginning, it was the brainchild of three trainee dentists – Cherilee Fay, Alex Rowbottom and Derek Booth.

Today, Cherilee, Alex and Derek all still contribute and are all respected dental surgeons within the community.

They have been joined by a dozen more contributors and bloggers who write for us on a regular basis.

Not all of our writers are dentists; they are also dental nurses and hygienists as well as expert dental surgeons, who work in a variety of specialist areas.

Our main focus is and always has been to improve the dental health of the community and to help people get treatment, who are currently without any.

Many of our bloggers also give their time for free, on a part time basis, from their various surgeries and practices.

We publish the times and the details of the free clinics that our contributors operate, in the community news section.

Our bloggers and writers always try and spread the word about good oral hygiene, after all, we want to prevent the numbers of emergencies coming through our doors as much as possible!

Finally, this blog would be nothing without the large and warm community who follow us and the conversation continues over on our social media channels.

We hope that you will find us there!

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