You Would Probably Go To The Dentist After Reading These Dental Facts

Some people are already afraid with just the thoughts of visiting a dentists and seeing their equipment. To them, it’s like watching an exterminator armed with weapons of mass distraction! They just want to run once inside a dental clinic. But what if visiting a dentist is the only solution they have? What if their stubbornness of not taking care of their teeth is paying its toll on them in the most excruciating, albeit embarrassing way?

In this article, we will reveal some of the most disturbing dental problems dentists themselves found difficult to deal with.

One dentist confessed that he pulled up a tooth that already felt too soft because it is already decaying. It felt like he is grabbing cotton using his forceps. One day, he walked in to his clinic and the room smelt different. It turned out that the smell is coming from his patient’s mouth. When he inspects the mouth, almost 90% were covered with plaque. The blood and pus were literally seeping up from the gums! He needed to extract most of the teeth, and as he do so, the smell just got worse.

Colorful braces are okay, but colourful teeth? Not cool. One dentist recalled that he was visited one time by a patient with multi-coloured teeth- black, green, and red. He felt like for one day, he turned into an archaeologist trying to unearth a hidden piece of artefact. The plaque deposits were very hard to remove that scaling became one of the most laborious task he needed to do in his career. Did I mention that he needed to sacrifice smelling that horrendous stench the whole time he is doing the procedure? I am sure you would want get a teeth whitening Santa Ana after reading this.

Another dentist related a gross dental problem while in Kenya. An elderly woman came with a horrible swelling in the upper right jaw. After doing the check up, he found out that the woman has an abscessed tooth. They sedated her, pulled up the tooth, and there were maggots falling out of the socket! He couldn’t stand the situation and he and his assistant threw up.

These are horrible stories that can happen to anybody who takes oral hygiene for granted. If you don’t like to feel the pain and the embarrassment of having poor dental conditions, you better take care of your teeth right now. Another good practice is to visit your dentist right away. There are good dental clinics in California which include the Guevara Dental Clinic, Premier Dental Clinic Inc. and Hollywood Dental Clinic.